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If you are looking for a very nice place for lunch or dinner, which combines excellent food affordable (value for money) and you're in Athens, you are necessary to visit the 'Tzitziras & Mitziras' in Palaio Faliro. 

In a neoclassical house of Palaio Faliro, with a trademark pendant bicycle there is a traditional Greek tavern will take you to many places across Greece with the flavors, just 50 meters from the lines Tram in church Panagitsa (Mouson stop). 

In the leafy courtyard of the 'Tzitziras & Mitziras' winter by the fireplace one can find beautiful Greek Traditional dishes from across the country, made with fresh ingredients from local producers. 

       s i n c e   2006

...Lunch or a dinner , is a  big story for us ...

Try traditional recipes, such as the best 'moussaka', the most delicious 'Special kebab' traditional 'Cretan Dakos', 'Feta Baked with sesame and honey' and 'cod with garlic sauce' from Kefalonia, and many other traditional dishes accompanied by fine local wine from the Peloponnese or tags selected producers from the country, icy Athenian beer, tsipouro or ouzo. For a fee order now traditional 'sweet ekmek' or some other handmade sweet. 

It operates every day from noon at 13:00 to 01:00am with Greek Music and prices 15-20€.












Our Menu


Tzitziras & Mitziras - Phone: +30 210 9851473

  • 1. Bread* and accessories1.00€

(*Unlimited consumption per person) 


  • 2. Greek salad5.50€

(Tomato, cucumber, pepper, onion, olives, feta cheese)

  • 3. Cretan salad6.80€

(French salad, lettuce, stamnagathi, Gruyere, Parmesan and mustard sauce, black sesame)

  • 4. Tabbouleh traditional5.80€

(Diced tomato, fresh onion, parsley, bulgur and mint)

  • 5. Caesar with bacon7.20€

(fresh lettuce, bacon, croutons, Parmesan & Handmade Italian Caesar sauce)

  • 6. Salad of Tzitzira perfect7.50€

(Crisp rocket, lettuce, Katiki Domokos, bruschetta, tomato and balsamic sauce)

  • 7. Greens stamnagathi boiled4.50€


  • 8. Feta cheese simple with olive oil and oregano2.90€
  • 9. Covered feta cheese sesame honey5.50€

(feta cheese with puff pastry baked in the oven served with sesame and honey)

  • 10. Feta cheese with sesame and honey5.00€

(Fried feta cheese with sesame and honey or without honey)

  • 11. Fried cheese4.85€

(Fried cheese breaded with various sesame)

  • 12. Grilled Halloumi perfect6.60€

(Cyprus Halloumi grilled, rocket, fresh tomato and lemon sauce) 

Pies of Tzitziras 

  • 13. Cured beef pie in the oven5.50€

(Traditional with cheese, pastrami and fresh tomato)

  • 14. Small mizithra pies4.50€

(Handmade pies with dough sheet and mizithra cheese)

  • 15. Fennel pie necessarily5.50€

(With handmade dough sheet fennel and greens of the mountain)

  • 16. Sfakia pie5.50€

(Handmade dough sheet xynomyzithra and honey)

  • 17. Traditional pie of the day5.50€

(Ask us!!) 

For appetite 

  • 18. Tzatziki handmade3.00€
  • 19. Aliada handmade with garlic sauce3.80€

(Kefalonian recipe)

  • 20. Eggplant salad handmade3.75€

(Striking with smoked eggplant, mayonnaise and walnuts)

  • 21. Tyrokafteri handmade3.75€

(Feta, cayenne pepper and Tabasco)

  • 22. Staka with Eggs6.50€

(Staka with fried eggs)

  • 23. Fava with the pit of2.90€

(Traditional split peas, chopped onion, parsley, olive oil)

  • 24. Zucchini sticks4.50€

Tidbits of Tzitzira 

  • 25. Ntakos basil6.50€

(Cretan barley rusk with Katiki Domokos, basil pesto, crisp arugula, fresh tomato and olives)

  • 26. Fried pork6.50€

(Pork bites with oregano sautéed in olive oil and lemon sauce)

  • 27. Eggplant, Gruyere, Parmesan5.50€

(Delicious eggplant with gruyere, parmesan and feta cooked in tomato sauce)

  • 28. Zucchini balls handmade4.50€

(Spiced with fluffy handmade yogurt sauce with fresh herbs)

  • 29. Fresh french fries3.00€
  • 30. Stuffed mushrooms6.00€

(Agaricus fried mushrooms stuffed with various cheese and bacon)

  • 31. Greek sausage grilled5.40€
  • 32. Chicken tidbit rustic6.50€

(Chicken fillet with various vegetables sauteed in curry sauce and finished with wine)

  • 33. Oyster mushrooms6.00€

(Fresh oyster mushrooms grilled with dressing honey and balsamic)

  • 34. Pig in a poke specialties7.50€

(Greaseproof paper pouch containing pork bites with cubes of Cáceres and peppers in the oven)

  • 35. Bekri meze6.50€

(Pork cooked in clay pot with tomato sauce, chilli finished with red wine and tidy with grated cheese)

  • 36. Boat with cream cheese4.20€

(Boats from zucchini with cheese, sour cream and herbs) 

Main Dishes 

  • 37. Burger6.50€
  • 38. Chicken fillet8.50€
  • 39. Pork steak7.50€
  • 40. Kebab politico specialties8.50€

(A wooden deck with fried potatoes, yogurt sauce, chopped tomato, onion, parsley)

  • 41. Gamopilafo specialties9.00€

(Traditional rice from Crete with goat)

  • 42. Lamb chops (kilo)27.00€
  • 43. Mix grill meat18.00€

(Variety of meat for 2 persons)

  • 44. Steak Beef12.00€

Sea flavors 

  • 45. Hake* aliada8.50€

(Traditional Kefalonian recipe)

  • 46. Squids*6.60€

(Original squid)

  • 47. Octopus* with garlic8.00€

Kids menu 

  • 48. Chicken bites with french fries6.50€

(Handmade bites of chicken with french fries and sauce)

  • 49. Fish bites with french fries6.50€

(Handmade bites of cod with french fries and sauce) 

To quench your thirst 

  • 50. Refreshments1.60€

(Coca cola, sprite, soda, cola light, orange Epsa)

  • 51. Carbonated water Doubia 250ml2.20€
  • 52. Bottled water 1Lt1.50€

To cool off 

  • 53. Retsina Malamatina3.50€
  • 54. Bulk white wine without retsina 1/2kg3.50€
  • 55. Red wine in bulk / semi sweet 1/2kg3.60€
  • 56. Beer Heineken (500 ml)3.00€
  • 57. Beer Alfa (500 ml)2.70€
  • 58. Beer Kaiser (500 ml)3.30€
  • 59. Draft beer glass (400 ml)3.00€
  • 60. Ouzo carafe (Mini or Plomari 200 ml)6.00€
  • 61. Raki 125 ml2.70€
  • 62. Raki with honey 250 ml6.00€

Food of the Day 

  • 63. Moussaka6.50€
  • 64. Pasticcio6.50€
  • 65. Giants5.00€
  • 66. Traditional stuffed6.50€
  • 67. Meatballs fried6.50€
  • 68. Snails6.80€
  • 69. Rooster cooked in wine9.50€
  • 70. Chickpea oven4.00€
  • 71. Sweet and sour pork9.50€
  • 72. Kochi8.80€
  • 73. Fried shrimps6.50€
  • 74. Gruyere Crete with honey6.50€
  • 75. Zucchini stuffed with pecorino6.50€



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Address: 77 Alkionis St & Thiseos

Post Code: 17562

Town: Palaio Faliro

County: Greece

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email : tzitziras@tzitziras-mitziras.gr


Tzitziras & Mitziras

Phone: +30 210 9851473


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